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Sunday, 17th November, 2019

I’m in love with the perfect contrast of elements


Hello lovelies, and welcome to my blog….


My name is Sarah Anna, I’m a hopeless romantic ninja Kat from Wonderland, living a life full of love, joy, excitement and adventures while always trying to keep it meaningful on this fancy planet called earth.


I’m a fashion designer, owning and running my own highstreet clothing brand called Katspell. Throughout my fashion design studies, my Bachelor degree in media -and Culture Science, my Diploma of Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s and my experiences in the industry, I developed a background in fashion and an huge understanding of the industry.




Katways is a source for all that inspires me. A lifestyle blog that will take you on a journey into my life, my passion for fashion, travelling & exploring, culture, fitness as well as give you an inside peek into my career.


I bounce around a lot and can usually be found somewhere around my studio in Cologne, Sydney, Bali or NYC. Home for me is equally in Germany and Australia <3


Right now, I live in Cologne, where you can reach me any time via email at with any inquiries – job opportunities, advertising inquiries, advice, or just to say hey..


I love meeting new people and surrounding myself with inspiring souls who have passion – and the world is full of you so don’t be shy. I am always open to collaborate.


My love for fashion and travel has taken me all over the world and from now on I’ll take you with me on my – K-a-t-w-a-y-s- xx No choice.. haha.. just kidding!


“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” – Coco Chanel


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About Me

Hi, I am Sarah Anna, fashion designer, blogger and travel enthusiast, currently based in Germany. Thank you for following my passion and my adventures <3.